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AccessPlus Third Party Access Information
Third Party Access allows an Iowa State AccessPlus users to share access to some of their personal information with a trusted Third Party. The information below provides instructions for Third Parties and the AccessPlus account owners.

Instructions for Third Parties

Using Third Party Access is a responsibility. The information in the account belongs to the owner of the account and to Iowa State University. You have been trusted by the account owner as a delegate to access his or her information, including some confidential information, and it is your responsibility to protect that information.

Before you can use Third Party Access, the account owner must first set up your Third Party Access account and give you the new Third Party ID and password. Once this has been done and you have your Third Party ID and password, follow these steps:

  1. On the AccessPlus Welcome page, choose "Third Party Access" from the "Login Method" list. Then, enter your Third Party ID and password and click "Login."

  2. After logging in for the first time, you will be required to change your password and login with your new password before you can continue.

  3. After you are logged in, you will see the "A+ Home" web page. Select the "Student" or "Employee" tab (depending on your Third Party Access) for the menus related to those areas. Navigate through the various options using the tabs (along the top) and menus (left side). Use the menu on the left to access functions available for the tab you have selected (account).

  4. Be sure to log out when you are finished by choosing "Logout," located under the AccessPlus logo at the top of each screen. Clear your cache to ensure the information you are viewing will not be easily accessed by others who use your computer. For more information about clearing your cache, see

If you forget your Third Party password at any time, you will need to contact the account owner to request that the password be reset. If you have any further questions about Third Party Access, please contact the account owner.

You can find a link to AccessPlus from the Iowa State University home page Simply select the sign-on link for AccessPlus from the "Sign-Ons" area.

Instructions for AccessPlus Account Owners

Creating a Third Party Access account is a responsibility. An AccessPlus Third Party account allows you to release selected confidential information about you. This confidential information is protected by both federal and Iowa law and cannot be disclosed to third parties without your authorization. Keep in mind that you should be very careful to give access to only those people you can trust and make sure they know the importance of protecting your information. You may create a maximum of five Third Party Access accounts.

As the account owner, you are the first point of contact for each Third Party. If they have any questions about AccessPlus, they should talk to you first. If you cannot answer their question, you should login to AccessPlus, go into the application that the question concerns, and use the "Contact" Contact button to send an e-mail to the appropriate department.

To create a Third Party Access account, follow these steps:

  1. Login to AccessPlus and choose "Third Party Access" from the "Student" or "Employee" menu.

  2. Choose "Add Account" from the function submenu.

  3. Agree to the terms of use as listed on that page and provided below for your reference:

    By establishing and granting access rights to this Third Party account and sharing the login information, I consent to the release of my confidential information to the Third Party through AccessPlus. I understand that I may update these access rights or delete this Third Party account at any time.

    I further understand that for any electronic payment made on my behalf by an authorized Third Party which is returned unpaid, a service charge of $30 will be assessed to my University account. The returned payment will be deducted from my University Account or CyCash account depending on where the original payment was made. If there are insufficient funds in my CyCash account, the amount of the deficit created by this returned payment will be charged to my University Account.

  4. Assign a name and password for the Third Party.

  5. Choose the applications you want to share with this Third Party, turn "on" Authority delegated those applications, and then check and submit the specific functions you would like to delegate within that application. Only certain applications and functions are allowed to be shared. By default, all applications are set to "off" No authority delegated so that access will not be granted to a specific application until you turn it "on". Only those applications that you approve for access will appear on the Third Party's menu. You may add/delete applications or functions granted to a Third Party at any time.

  6. After you create an account, you will need to provide your Third Party with login information and instructions about how to use the account. An e-mail will automatically be sent to your e-mail address with relevant information. You may forward that e-mail to your Third Party. You will also need to provide the password you chose for the Third Party account. If you give the Third Party the information yourself, you will need to at least include the Third Party Login ID and password, and it may be helpful to include links to the AccessPlus login page and to this instruction page.

Modifying or Deleting Third Party Accounts
You may add/delete application access rights given to a Third Party at any time. To do so, choose menu item "Browse Accounts", and then click on the name of the Third Party you want to update. The No authority delegated icon will appear next to any applications for which you have not shared any functions, and an Authority delegated icon will appear next to any applications for which any functions have been shared for the currently displayed Third Party. Click on either the "on" or "off" icon for any application to see what functions may be added/deleted. Click "Cancel" to make no changes.

You can inactivate or delete a Third Party account at any time. Inactivating an account will prevent all access to that Third Party account until you make it active again. To inactivate or reactivate an account, go to the "Third Party Access" area in AccessPlus, click on the name of the Third Party you want to update, and then choose "Update Profile" from the function submenu on the left. Change the status to "inactive" or "active" and click the "Submit" button. The status of each account is also displayed on the "Browse Accounts" page.

To delete an account, take the same steps to select the account you want to delete, and then choose "Delete Account" from the function submenu on the left. To delete a Third Party account, choose menu item "Browse Accounts", and then click on the name of the Third Party you want to delete. Then choose menu item "Delete Account."

Resetting Passwords
If the Third Party forgets his or her password, you may reset it. To do so, choose menu item "Browse Accounts", and then click on the name of the Third Party whose password needs to be reset. You do not need to know the old password to change the Third Party's password, but you will need to tell them the new password that you have chosen. Additionally, they will need to change the password again the first time they login using that password.