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AccessPlus FAQ

How do I login to AccessPlus?

To login to AccessPlus, you must first choose a Login Method. The Login Method you choose will determine what Login ID you must enter. The preferred Login Method for students, faculty, and staff is their ISU Net-ID. University ID may be used when an ISU Net-ID is not assigned or Multifactor Authentication is not activated. Social Securiy Number Login is available but discouraged for compliance with the University's Social Security Number Protection Policy. Third Party Access ID is available for individuals outside of the University that have a Third Party Access account.

  • ISU Net-ID
    Your ISU Net-ID is obtained during your initial OnBoarding to Iowa State. When chosen this option takes you to ISU's Single Sign-On application, and returns to AccessPlus once login has been completed. If you're already logged-in with ISU Net-ID, you will be taken directly into AccessPlus.
  • ISUCard University ID University ID (UID)
    Your University ID is the nine-digit number on your ISUCard, as indicated in this image. Your University ID is a used as identification within Iowa State University. This number is unique and remains yours even after you leave Iowa State University. You can find more information about your ISUCard on the ISUCard website.
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
    Your Social Security Number is nine-digit number assigned to you by the Social Security Administration.
  • Third Party Access ID
    A Third Party Access ID is an eight-digit number used to access another person's AccessPlus information. This ID is assigned when the owner of the information (an ISU student or faculty/staff member) sets up the Third Party Access account. Before you can login using this method, the owner of the information must set up the Third Party Access account and give you the Third Party Access ID and password. Additionally, any questions you have about the AccessPlus system should be addressed to the owner of the information.
  • Confirmation Number
    A Confirmation Number may be used to facilitate a variety of processes. You should only select the Confirmation Number option if you have been instructed to do so, and have been provided with a valid Confirmation Number.

Once you have selected your preferred Login Method, enter the corresponding Login ID and password, and click the Login button.

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I am having problems with my password.

ISU Net-ID password
The ISU Net-ID Login Method uses your Net-ID password. For help with this password please contact Your Solution Center (515) 294-4000.

AccessPlus password
The University ID and SSN Login Methods use a unique password specifically for AccessPlus. The AccessPlus password is eight characters (case-sensitive) including numbers and letters.

If you do not know your AccessPlus password and have set up a secret question, you can follow the secret question link on the page that you see after trying to login with an incorrect password. This will help you reset your own AccessPlus password.

If you do not know your AccessPlus password and do not have or know your secret question, please contact Your Solution Center (515) 294-4000 to set up a new AccessPlus password. Alternatively, you may visit the ISUCard Office (0530 Beardshear Hall) or the Student Answer Center (ground floor of Beardshear Hall).

Third Party password
The Third Party Login Method uses a unique password specifically for Third Party access. The owner of the information would have given you the intial Third Party Access ID and password, and can assist with password reset and other AccessPlus questions.

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How do I change my email address used in AccessPlus?

To change the email address used in AccessPlus, go to the Student tab and choose Address Change in the menu on the left. This form includes a place for your Non ISU E-mail address. Note that your ISU E-mail is displayed but cannot be changed in this form; ISU email address updates are made automatically each week. Also note that any email address changes will take up to a week to be reflected in the Residence system.

If you are an incoming student who has not yet attended classes and you need to change your email address in the Residence system, please contact the Admissions Office at 515-294-5836 or 800-262-3810.

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As soon as I click the Login button, it says my session has expired.

AccessPlus requires cookies to establish and keep track of your session. "Cookies" are small files placed on your computer and used by your browser to keep track of session information, and to let the server remember who you are. The cookies used by AccessPlus are temporary and do not retrieve or store personal information or place anything on your computer not directly related to the services you request. These cookies allow several options for improved functionality and navigation in AccessPlus.

To use AccessPlus, you will need to change your browser preferences to enable cookies (Already the default for most browsers). Refer to your browser's documention for how to enable cookies, or contact Your Solution Center (515) 294-4000.

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The "Student" or "Faculty/Staff" menu I used to have is now missing.

This problem is usually because a person has both temporary and permanent Social Security numbers. If this is the case, open a private browser window and login with your other Social Security number (and your AccessPlus password) to access the rest of your records. To fix the problem, you will need to have your records updated with the Registrar's Office for student information (, (515) 294-1840), and University Human Resources for employee information ( (515) 294-4800).

You should also contact the Office of International Students and Scholars, (515) 294-1120, for more information. They need to update their records, and they should be able to help you list all the other places you will need to change your Social Security number. You may also wish to check with your academic department(s) and any other places on campus that you know have your temporary Social Security number in their records.

AccessPlus will be updated as soon as those departments change their records on the central system. Most classes in which you are currently enrolled will also continue to use your old temporary number. You should always keep your temporary number somewhere you can find it as long as you are at ISU in case you find out later that something did not get updated.

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When is AccessPlus available?

Our staff works to make sure AccessPlus is available as much as possible. However, there are periods of records processing and system maintenance when you may not be able to login or change your records. These periods are usually during times of low activity. Availability times (Central Time Zone) for AccessPlus are as follows:

AccessPlus Hours of Accessability Chart

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I'm having other problems with AccessPlus.

In the application bar of every AccessPlus screen, there is a feedback/email icon Contact Icon. Click the feedback/email icon to send comments or questions or to report problems to either the appropriate department, or the AccessPlus webmaster. Email is not secure, so DO NOT put your social security number or password in your message.

If your questions concern the actual information returned by an AccessPlus application (such as questions dealing with U-bill charges, specific scholarships, when your grades will appear on your transcript, or problems with your password), use the link on that page for the department that is in charge of the information. If your questions deal with problems with the online AccessPlus system itself (such as the system being down or a web page loading incorrectly on a specific web browser), use the webmaster link.

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